2016 Mid-year Collective Haul

I am one of those girls who seemingly addicted to online shopping, because more often than not, I am a believer of retail therapy, lol. Well, this is my first collective haul in 2016; although in real life I believe I bought more stuff than these…. But I decided not to include my purchases from January to […]

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Hydration for the Drier Days

Well, I should post this earlier, because most of these products help me a lot through the fasting month, which is one of the most drying days according to me. But, since I have one addition of product after fasting days that I found totally good, here my mini review and suggestion if you want to […]

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Current Empties (and Faves!)

I’ve tried and tested quite a lot of products since 2015, and sadly, a few of them showing reactions to my skin, or stings so much; that I just decided to stop using it after a couple of uses. So, emptying a product means two things for me; either that product works wonder, or simply works […]

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Winter Wonderland

Last February, me and one of my closest friend, Astrid, were celebrating our 23rd birthday which entitled, “Winter Wonderland” with our dearest one. We picked winter as our theme simply because it’s one of our favourite seasons of all time🙂. All of the details and decorations were made by Tweeny Party, that being owned by my closest friends, […]

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My 2016 Skin Care Routine

Following my latest post about skin care, now I will explain to you my latest skin care routine that I’ve been doing religiously for… 4-5 months, I guess. If you asked me, how I found the right one for me, I think you should find what your skin needs, what your own skin problems, and […]

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A little bit of Skin Care Talk

Hello! It’s been quite a while, no? (If you count it, it’s been more than a year, lol). Early 2015-2016 was such an experiment on skin care for me; results of following a lot of beauty bloggers, beauty youtubers, beauty forums, and other beauty influencers, I guess. And no, I wouldn’t blame them if any of […]

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