[REVIEW] NARS Blush #4003 Sex Appeal

Have I told you that I’ve always prefer my blushers to be natural and subtle? Bright coloured and highly pigmented blush tend to looked too much on me, hence the reason I most certainly skipped my blush for daily uses. If I really want to put blush on, I would likely put my mother’s favorite The Body Shop’s All-in-One Blusher that would give me the most subtle look.

This is also the reason why I choose Dandelion amongst the huge range of Benefit Blush selection. Well, even though I didn’t like its chalky and powdery finish, at least I like the colour and pigmentation.


And since I’ve been wanting to try NARS Blush for so long, I guess it’s a no brainer that I would ended up to choose #4003 Sex Appeal shade. Beside it’s the blush that Bambigirl and Meejmuse highly highly recommend, I also think that their best selling Orgasm shade would too much for me, especially considering that NARS blush is not in the cheap side and it does give you a huge size of it. So, to buy the shade that you don’t personally like would be a total waste of money.

But OH-MY-GOD I didn’t think that I would ended up loving this blush sooooo much!! I love every aspect of this NARS Blush. The shade, the finish, the pigmentation, the staying power, ooooh everything!! The slightest swipe of your blush brush would give you the perfect amount for both of your cheeks and the finish is beautiful. It’s matte, but it sits naturally perfect on your skin, not chalky whatsoever. And I’m amazed by its staying power, it stays a whole day! Literally a whole day, since yesterday I wore it from 4.30 am and when I remove my make up on 11.00 pm, it still sits perfectly on my cheeks!


Overall, I think this is one of my best purchase from my Tokyo Haul! I didn’t regret to buy it even it has expensive price (¥3000 before tax), since it would definitely last me a really long time. If you are into natural blushers, I highly highly recommend this blush for you to try on!



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