[WEDNESDAY MASKING] Innisfree Skin Renewal 3-Step Mask

I’m pretty impressed with Innisfree pricier range of sheet mask because of the well-made quality and the wide range. I’ve tried a couple of their bio-cellulose one to the creamy orchid range mask, but this Innisfree Skin Renewal 3-Step Mask by far impressed me the most. I got this one back in Shanghai, and I didn’t regret to purchase it even one bit. If I have any regrets, though, maybe due to the fact that I should’ve stock more of this mask because it’s just that good.

2019-02-08 17.24.14

So, this mask comes with 3 steps, true to its name. It reminds me of a lot of Korean sheet mask with similar steps like this, particularly the Jayjun Sheet Mask that I’ve tried before a couple of years ago. But, this is my first time to try a sheet mask that has PHA peeling pad in their step. COSRX sheet mask has a similar concept like this if I’m not mistaken.

2019-02-08 17.24.20

Considering Innisfree is not known for their peeling pad, I was pleasantly surprised that it was pretty okay. PHA is one of the most gentle exfoliators, so it was able to exfoliate my skin without the sting feeling. The cotton pad has the textured part for exfoliating and has the smooth one for toning the skin.

2019-02-08 17.24.43

As for the actual sheet mask, it comes with gauze sheet mask. Honestly I think it’s not my first time to try gauze sheet mask, but this one feels like something similar to bio-cellulose material. It sticks to the skin really well and not slipping, and really, really help to make skin well hydrated and plump after it was exfoliated with its generous and pretty thick essence.

2019-02-08 17.24.24

The sleeping mask kinda reminds me of Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. It comes with a gel texture that makes skin really hydrated and moisturized. Innisfree is really generous with the sleeping mask, though. I could use it for 2 times of usage and save it for the next day. It has a subtle scent and though it’s not as good as the Laneige one, it’s a decent sleeping mask, still.

2019-02-08 17.24.22

Well, I think, so far, this is Innisfree’s best invention when it comes to sheet mask. The price range is pretty good (around $5~$7), considering that nowadays high-end brands tend to release sheet mask with a ridiculous price, and it works really, really well. Therefore, I would repurchase it in a flash if I got to encounter it again. Hopefully, it would be available in my country pretty soon without the high markups, though, amen.

So, have you tried this sheet mask before? What do you think of it? Please do share in this comment section below!


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