[REVIEW] Tofu Moritaya Soy Bean Yogurt Beauty Face Mask (Moisturizing)

2019-02-08 17.23.40

I purchased this mask of course because I was influenced by this local beauty influencer that keeps raving about this yogurt soymilk mask. Of course, since I’ve never tried this brand before, I kept my eyes opened whenever I was on Japanese local drugstore to purchase this. Is it good? Is it worth the purchase? Let’s jump right in.

2019-02-08 17.23.28

The newly listed film mask is made from the moisturizing ingredients of Japanese soymilk, yogurt, honey and other foods, and the moisturizing ingredients of the red fruit extract of pomegranate seed and apple. And with 3 hyaluronic acid deep into the cuticle to give skin enough replenishment, natural ingredients, even weak sensitive muscle or pregnant women can use, but also add yogurt ingredients, skin will become slippery.

Pink mainly add three kinds of hyaluronic acid, fusion plant moisturizing essence, the main moisturizing moisturizer, if the dry skin or skin condition is not good, you can choose this first aid.

2019-02-08 17.23.46

Each piece has the essence of 23ml, and most of it will be attached to the mask, it is pure cotton, so it will not be a very thin one, but it is because of this, the essence can be well attached to the mask paper ~ and its mask paper is relatively large, even the younger sister of the face can rest assured.

How to use: After cleansing, first clap the make-up water, remove the mask and apply on the face, then take off after 10-15 minutes, massage the face with the hand slightly, so that the essence is fully absorbed by the face and then rinse clean and then do the basic skin care.

2019-02-08 17.23.35

This sheet mask literally drenched with essence. Your skin would feel instantly moisturized because of its creamy essence (which I think comes from the yogurt ingredients, and it reminds me of Innisfree Orchid Sheet Mask I think, with similar creamy essence. It didn’t have any annoying scent or colour, which is always good, and the mask fit my face perfectly.

However, do I feel like this mask is the bomb? Something that I can’t live without? Well…. I have to say that it’s not that impressive. It does make your skin moisturized and plump, and all, but I personally think that it’s something that any random Japanese or Korean sheet mask could do. So… it’s good, but not mindblowing-ly good. 

2019-02-08 17.23.26

So, have you tried this sheet mask before? What do you think? Do you agree with me or not? LOL. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! 😉

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