[Beauty talks] First Aid for Your Skin Problem On Special Events

Do have that moment, when your skin was spotless during the regular day, and suddenly that pimple just showing up out of nowhere, during a special event, nonetheless. Well, sorry to break your heart: It’s not happened just because. Something must triggered it. However, good news, everyone: you’re not alone. It happens. Break out happens. I’m pretty sure even Audrey Hepburn, or even the super pretty Song Hye Gyo suffered from pimple every now and then.


So, what should you do for the first aid?


Find something that triggered it. 

I’ve talked about things that triggered your skin problem in the past, and from those lists, try to remember, what was your sin? Do you eat too much dairy products? Do you try new products aside from your normal skin care routine? Do you often touch your skin? Are you on your period?

It’s important to remember what was your trigger because different cause needs different treatments. However, if you’re that clueless, avoid that new product, try to avoid sugar and dairy products, try to stick on your regular skin care routine, do not overuse actives, and focus on your hydration. Especially if you’re on your period, try to avoid inflammatory food such as meat and sugar. And try to lessen your stress by, I don’t know, do something that you like, watch funny movies, and hanging out more. Stop overthink by yourself!



Wear flattering makeup that focuses on point makeup!

I know it’s hard for you to not to be focused on that freaking pimple. However, my suggestion is to focus on point makeup, so that people’s eyes will be focus on your flattering eye look or that bold lip colour. Since I am always #TeamDewy and always love no makeup makeup look, I personally think that concealer is useless for troubled skin unless you have studio photoshoots or often have paparazzi following you. Because at the end of the day, it would only make your skin caked up and the texture on your skin would not be hidden.


Try to have positive moods!

Trust me, if you have a fun personality, people would love to hang out around you regardless what your skin condition. Try to crack out jokes, or maybe making fun of the culprit that made your skin broke out like, “Oh My God, that cheesecake is just soooo freaking good that it worth the calories, and I even willing to finish it even though I know it would be causing me this little fellow down here on my chin!” 


Wear exceptional clothes! And shoes!

If you wear beautiful, exceptional clothes, there are no way people would be looking and focusing on your pimple, trust me. Instead, they will ask you where the hell were you got that gorgeous dress of yours? And don’t forget to wear it confidently! Trust me, if you have good sense and confidence, people would not be focusing on your pimple!

Well, that’s all from me and my tips! Do you have more tips that you think personally help you when you have special events? Please do share your thoughts in the comment section below! 😉

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