Social Media Beauty Forecast 2019

So, I was reading this trend forecast and 2018 review for my work through WGSN, and I of course, had to stop and stumble into the topic that interests me aside of my work: skin care and beauty. Wow. It amazed me how accurate their prediction was. And as I was reading through their journals, I decided to apply a couple of their trend forecast that will happened or already happened on my blog!


1. Texture

It’s not a secret that beauty products’ textures are oddly amazed and entice us to like and scrolling through the related images. I know that I always try to do textures photos on my review, but I also realized that my photos weren’t at my maximum effort. Therefore, I will try to improve my photography composition, and one of them is through texture photos.


2. Sensorial Makeup

It’s a while since beauty brands coming out with their sensorial makeup, take Farsali’s Jelly Highlighter for example; or maybe Becca’s Hydra Mist Set & Powder, yet I don’t have any interest to try them, lol. OK. It is one of my resolution to try and tested more sensorial makeup and skincare in the future! If you know me, you would know that you will see more sensorial skincare in the future, though! :LOL:


3. Mood Boost

I love anything calming and smells good. That is why I have my own collection (albeit pretty small) of scented candle and essential oil, and I have to admit this trend definitely hit me because I personally think that with the right sensorial and scent, skin care could be the perfect mood booster. Take Sulwhasoo’s product for example – the ginseng scent would help you to relax and set your mood.

4. Dwelve more to inhaling wellness and supplement

Following the previous point, I would love to use more inhaling wellness and supplement. Maybe it will be hard to photographed it, let alone review it because I personally think it’s pretty hard to give solid review regarding inhaling wellness and supplement. But… we’ll never know until we try it, right?


5. The End of More

Minimalist skincare and flat lay layout would be getting bigger in 2019. Well… I have to say that I haven’t try this latest trend yet, but I would love to try it this year! I don’t know if it’s for me or not since I have dry skin, but we’ll see. I also would love to try Krave Beauty products this year, since she is the biggest advocate of minimalist skin care routine.


6. Editorial Beauty

I admit that I am sooooo freaking lazy to make editorial beauty content, and prefer to take skin care product’s photos instead. Well, I would love to challenge myself to shoot at least 3-4 editorial beauty this year. Do you have any suggestion for what kind of makeup should I try? WGSN said that allienated beauty will be big in 2021, but I don’t know if it’s for me, lol. Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below! 😉

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