Thoughts about Ageing Gracefully.

Hi! I know it’s been a while.

I guess I took quite a break from writing and blogging in general for the past weeks because I feel like I was overwhelmed and tired with blogging, I guess, maybe. I don’t know. Well, let’s talk about something that’s been on my mind ever since I was turned 26 last month: my thoughts on ageing, and how to stay beautiful even in on older age, with those inevitable wrinkles and signs of ageing.


It was started when I notice that my smile lines have deepened. Well, at that point I sighed to myself and mumbled, “It happened, then”. Having baby faced and young parents didn’t help either. My late mom was super pretty and she stayed looking young until her last day on earth, and my father is definitely looking younger than his peers at age 55, because he consistently living healthy and always been on gym ever since I was a baby.

My mother never really use any specific skin care ever since she was young. But when she does, she use something that prescribed by dermatologist which I suspect consist of retinol, which of course, is everyone’s secret and favorite ingredients when it comes to anti-ageing. Now that I already use a couple of products that use retinol as their hero ingredients, like Sunday Riley LUNA for example; I know how good and how impactful it was for anti ageing. It does help in order to plump the skin as well as reduce discoloration though I couldn’t say much about de-wrinkle because two years ago, when I was using it, my skin didn’t really have wrinkles.


But my point is, I realized that I should’ve been focusing on actives as well as hydration if I want my skin to stay young. Especially that I know from my own experience that you always, always never skip hydration on your skin care routine, because really, even Song Hye Gyo, the ultimate icon of forever young actress, always saying that hydration and moisturization are the key to her skin.

And I also realized, based on my parent’s healthy habit that never skips their workouts and based on my senior’s super young appearance, workout and healthy food will not just help you stay fit, but also to stay young. Yes, maybe there are some things that inevitably will happen anyway, such as smile lines because I love to laughs. But I’d rather laugh and live happily rather than think too much of my wrinkles and couldn’t have any expression at all, lol.


Well, and I just realized that one of the key to my parent’s young appearance is to live happily. Life might not be always sunshine and rainbows, but, being happy —and I think having sports as a hobby might help as well because sports help to release endorphines— always help to makes you looking younger.

I might be won’t look as young as my mother’s when I reach my mother’s age, but, I believe that efforts never betray you. It won’t probably showing result instantly, but just like everything in this world, patience is key, girls!

Well, do you have any anti ageing secret tips from your mother that you would like to share with me? Please do share in the comment section below, guys! 😉




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