[REVIEW] Silcot Cotton Pads

Long time readers must know that back in 2016, I was basically obsessed with Silcot Sponge Uru Uru Cotton Pads. And after I realized that Silcot also has several cotton pads on their lines, I was on a mission to try all of cotton pads from Silcot. Fast forward to 2018, I finally found Silcot Velvet Touch Cotton, Silcot Soft Touch Premium Cotton, and Silcot Silky Touch Cotton Wipes, and try them in 2019!


After done some reading about their products, I understand why all of the cotton pads designed differently. Silcot Velvet Touch Cotton is for those of you who want to use cotton puffs in many ways, Silcot Soft and Rich Touch Cotton can be used if you want your puffs to be gentle on your skin, and if you use cotton puffs for wiping your skin, you can choose Silcot Silky Touch Wiping Cotton.


  1. Silcot Velvet Touch Cotton

This is the most basic and versatile cotton pads from Silcot. You can use it for basically anything. Skin care, removing makeup, nail polish, etc. Honestly speaking, this cotton pads reminds me a lot of Innisfree Cotton Pads that I really liked. They are really comparable in my opinion. They both work great, though not as amazing as the Uru Uru Cotton, therefore I don’t find the need to repurchase this Silcot Velvet Touch Cotton since I could get the Innisfree one easily in Jakarta.


2. Silcot Soft Touch Premium Cotton

*If* I had to choose one from all of this cottons, I would probably choose this one. It has the right thickness and softness in my opinion, and would not be dragging on my skin. However, I honestly think that I would choose the Uru Uru Cotton way over this cotton simply because the Uru Uru Cotton is more amazing for me, especially with its ability to saved up my toners.


3. Silcot Silky Touch Cotton Wipes

I think I have too much expectation towards this cotton pads, lol. I expect it to be the excalated version of Uru Uru Cotton, but, it turned out that the thicker your cotton pads, doesn’t guarantee that it will satisfy you more, even if they come from the same company. Lesson learned, indeed. At first, it annoys me that it drags on my skin so much that I come to realize that, well, this cotton pad is should be used as semi-CSM method, where you have to drench the cotton pads with toner and swipe it to your skin. Well, if it’s intended to be that way, I understand because the thick material probably used because they want to avoid the cotton pads to be broken during that method. But since I rarely use cotton pad to be that way, so… Nah, I don’t think that I would repurchase this.


Well, it’s saddened me that the result of using these cotton pads were way below my expectation. And, no, these cotton pads were not necessarily bad. They were probably amongst the best that I’ve tried, especially from Japanese cottons. And it safe to say that Silcot is probably the best cotton pads brand out there. However, I think I expect that they were better than Uru Uru Cotton, and it turned out that they were not. Well, maybe it could explain why Uru Uru Cotton always win the #1 Cosme year after year.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for Japanese Cotton Pads, look no further to Silcot, I guess. They have very wide variety of cotton pads for every needs, and what you’re looking for cotton pads maybe different than I am, so maybe you would like their other varieties more than Uru Uru Cotton!

Have you tried any of these cotton pads before? Please do share with me in the comment section below! 😉

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