[REVIEW] Argelan St John’s Wort Apricot Moist Deep Skincare Oil


Because I already tried a lot of Japanese recommendation products, during my last business trip to Japan, I purchased a lot of random products that I’ve never heard before (usually comes with cute or sophisticated packaging, lol). And this Argelan St John’s Wort Apricot Moist Deep Skincare Oil was one of my random purchased which turned out not only comes with great packaging, but also works pretty decently!


This organic beauty oil features 100% plant oil that blends smoothly into your skin. Organic Saint John’s wort oil and apricot oil prevent dehydration and other skin problems, while plant ceramide hydrates and conditions skin surface. For healthy skin.


This oil comes with thin consistency, with light, natural scent which is totally not fishy. Truth to be told, I prefer facial oil with thick consistency, probably because of my dry skin. Therefore, sometimes I found the needs to layer this oil because I don’t feel “enough”. Regardless of my experience, I personally think that this oil would worked perfectly for people with oily skin because it does the job to retain moistuire from seeping through the air, whilst still improve skin’s hydration with its light consistency.


This oil comes with very chic, minimalist branding that I really like, which is why I’ve purchased a couple of products from this brand in the first place, lol. The pricing ain’t so bad either. At 1800 yen, I think this product is still pretty affordable considering the 30ml size and if you’re going to compare it to other brands, I think it’s still one of the cheapest facial oil that you could find.


Will I repurchase this product? Probably not, because my skin definitely needs something thicker and stronger from facial oil. However, there’s a high chance that I would purchase other products from Argelan in the future if I had a chance to come to Japan again. And I still would recommend it to oily skin girls since the light texture is perfect for their skin types!

Well, have you tried this product before? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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