[MAKE-UP] Freckles Looks

I almost never move from my comfort natural make up look these past years. Although there were days when I crazy about fuschia lipstick and a pop of aqua eyeliner, but nothing really crazy and out of my comfort zone. Even though I study in fashion field, I’ve always relied the make up to my friends who […]

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2016 Black Friday Haul

Hello, everyone back with me with another haul of mine. 😆 Well, honestly speaking this is my accumulative haul since October if I’m not mistaken. But, since most of the item I purchased were from the Black Friday sale… Let me just call it “Black Friday Haul”. 😛   So, one of my favorite online store […]

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Current Make Up On The Go

These days I’ve been traveling so much and sometimes it stressed me out how I have to put my necessities in such a compact pouch :lol:. This is why sometimes I’d like to collect travel sized and mini sized cosmetics and skin care. It would help me a lot whenever I have to travel. So, […]

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